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Written by Jaci Smith   
Monday, 05 March 2007


What are the Wine Country Rock Crawlers?

The Wine Country Rock Crawlers is a 4X4 club based in Sonoma County where friendly, like minded people get together and participate in outdoor recreation activities related to four wheeling. We also participate in state 4X4 events and also help out on conservation projects with local land agencies.
We are geared towards hard core rock crawling four wheeling having short wheelbase Jeep type vehicles.

Who can be a member of the club?

Anyone with a short wheel base, street legal four wheel drive vehicle can apply for membership. Applicants must be referred by one of our Board of Directors or Charter Members. Applicants who are accepted, must then fulfill all the activity requirements which allows the club to get to know them.

What kind of members are we?

We’re made up of members that want to be active, not just “members”. We have activity requirements that each member must do on an ongoing basis.

There are other local 4X4 clubs that don’t require much participation. We have built this 4X4 club with dedicated members who want to be active participants. Members who have a great attitude toward their fellow members and want to have fun doing things, going places and helping out when called upon.

Our members also must have a suitable 4X4 for the type of four wheeling we do. Although we don’t require high levels of modifications, we do restrict what vehicles can participate on club runs. Our “Trail/4X4 Rating System” rates runs and vehicles. Only 4X4’s with the proper rating are permitted to participate. For example a 4X4 with a rating of “2” cannot go on a run that has a “4” rating.

What do we do?

1. We have monthly general membership meetings held on the third Monday evening of each month. Our meetings are currently held at Round Table Pizza on Occidental Road in Santa Rosa. Members and guests generally arrive at 6:30 and order their own pizza. The meeting follows at approx. 7:00 pm and usually runs until 8:30.

2. We go on club “runs” where we drive to a place where we can drive on legal designated off pavement roads such as in National Forests and OHV parks such as Cow Mountain OHV area in Ukiah. Club runs are either one day or two to four days with overnight camping. Runs always involve a weekend.

3. We also participate in some larger runs put on by other clubs or large events put on by CA4WDC (California Association of four wheel drive clubs). Those events are located throughout the state such as the Sierras of Northern and Central CA or the deserts of Southern CA.

4. We also participate in “conservation projects” that come up either from CA4WDC or our local areas such as Cow Mountain OHV park. We participate by supplying manpower to help them do projects that are needed to improve off pavement areas. It is to our benefit to help out on these important projects as it not only helps us, but helps the land managers know we are around and willing to help out when needed.

How do I participate?

Participation is all we ask. We want members that want to have fun and do things. Our runs are fun and our meetings are fun and not too boring.

What does it cost?

All member families pay a one time initiation fee of $50.00. This also gets them the use of two club logo decals for their 4X4. Monthly dues are $5.00 paid quarterly. Also, as a member club of the California Association of 4 Wheel Drive Clubs, each club member must also be a member of the association. It is $45.00 annually. This is the parent association to all the 4X4 clubs and also gets each member the association’s “IN GEAR” newspaper.

What are the requirements?

To join the club...
1. Members must be at least 21 years of age and pay the $50.00 initiation fee (refunded if not accepted into club).
2. Applicants must be referred by a club Charter Member or current club Board of Director.
3. Applicants must attend at least three member-ship monthly meetings within six months.
4. Applicants must drive his/her 4x4 on one club day run having a Board of Director on the run.
5. Applicants must drive his/her 4x4 on one overnight, two day club run having a Board of Director along on run.
6. B.O.D. approval is then needed and then applicant can be voted in at a following club meeting by the general membership.

7. Pay the current quarterly dues.
8. Pay the CA4WDC annual membership.

To keep active club membership…
1. All active members must attend at least two of the three monthly membership meetings per qtr.
2. Members must participate in at least one club run per quarter.
3. Members must abide by the clubs “no drinking when driving is involved” policy per club bylaws.
4. Members must be committed to being active in the club, keeping dues current and participating in the activities.

How will I benefit?

You’ll benefit by being a part of the best local 4X4 club in the area. You’ll have fun with your fellow members on runs and at meetings. You’ll discover new off highway opportunities throughout the state. You’ll learn the value of traveling together as a group. You’ll gain new friends with common interests and you’ll be doing some good for the community.

Don’t wait to be discovered!

If you've found this web site, chances are, you’re someone we’d like to have join us. Click on the Contact Us link to send a message to one of our officers. They can tell you more and you can decide if you’d like to apply for membership.

The club is limited to 33 4X4 families so a waiting list may be in place if you apply.

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