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HOW-TO: Resizing Images Print E-mail
Written by Mike Burns   
Wednesday, 04 April 2007
Why resize images?  The obvious answer is so  that it fits the screen or a particular area on the screen,  but this is not always the primary reason.  The primary reason is speed.  Large images are very slow to load and take up valuable disk space.

In the world of HTML and web development, images can be scaled to smaller sizes visually, but the fact is that the file size has not changed. 

For this reason we purposely limit the size of images that can be uploaded to this site.  Gallery images are limited to 1024x1024 and 500k bytes, and user profile images are limited to 200x500 and 8k bytes.

To change an image size you will need an image editor, of which there are many.   I recently came across a FREE program (BIMP Lite) which does a very nice job at resizing images.  It can process a single image or batch process any number of images at the same time.  This is great tool for processing large images directly out of your digital cameras.

Below is a link to where you can download BIMP Lite (see the blue download icon near the bottom of the BIMP page).  This is a fairly intuitive program - even for us boneheads.  The part that you’ll be interested in is under Dimensions - you’ll want to limit the width.  For your Profile images you’ll want to limit the width to 200 pixels and for your Gallery images you want to use 1024 pixels


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Comments (2)
1. 12-06-2007 07:36
Max Size Update
I've increased the max size on gallery images to 1024x1024.
Written by 1TonYJ (Registered)
2. 24-12-2011 23:58
nice tutorial
many thanks for sharing funny quotes with us this good tutorial
Written by funnyjenny (Registered)

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